Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Program Born!

Hello everyone!

Sorry it has been awhile since my last post. We have been working very hard on a new program and it is now offically launched!
Although we do help a lot of people out of debt there has always those that don't want the drastic step of debt settlement and would rather just keep paying forever to their creditors. We respect that but, we wanted to be able to offer a service to them as well.
After much development the BluePrint 2 Black has been born.

The BluePrint 2 Black will help you get rid of all of your debt including your mortgage in 5-9 years using the resources you have without having to borrow, refinance or sell anything.
Were also not talking about living on soup and crackers to do this either!
Just like when you goto a draftsman when you want a house built and need a blueprint, you come to CCDR to have the plan draw up to rid you of all that debt!

On average the program will free up 1500-4100 dollars for you the consumer. The BluePrint 2 Black will NOT damage your credit either, in fact it will remain STELLAR because all of your debt will be paid off entirley IN RECORD TIME!
This is the stuff that the creditors do not want you to know about because it will get you out of debt in the fastest time and make them the least amount of interest, doesnt that sound AWESOME?

The only requirements for the BluePrint 2 Black are:

- You must be up to date with your payments
- You Must be able to maintain the min Payments or fix payments on your debt throughout the program
- You must have an income

Also you DO NOT have to own a home foe the program to work, in fact it is quicker if you do not.

Find out more at as always we will do a FREE PROPOSAL for you to let you know how fast we will have you out of debt.

Anyway more on this later,